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The PCHS Fall Newsletter is now available in PDF format.

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ASG Upcoming Meeting:  History of Ft. St. Clair

On Tuesday November 1st the Antique Study Group will meet at the PCHS Center at 6:30 and welcome guest speaker David Maynard.  David is going to talk about the history of Fort St. Clair (built in 1791 – 1792) and future plans to possibly one day restore/rebuild the fort.   He will also give us an update on how this process is going and where this project stands at this time.   I know many of us have visited Ft St. Clair Park, but probably have little knowledge of the history of this Fort; so this should be quite an interesting topic!

Then on Tuesday, December 6th, the Antique Study Group will take a road trip to Lewisburg.  The group will meet at 6:30 at the “Yankee Clover Mercantile” owned and operated by Jerry and Jackie Gross.  They will give us a brief history of the building, which is located on: 208 N. Commerce St. Lewisburg, OH 45338, then open the store for some holiday shopping that evening.  If you haven’t visited their unique shop, you will be in for a real treat.

Also don’t forget the upcoming PCHS Christmas Dinner Fundraisers held on Friday, December 2nd and Saturday, December 3rd.   We would like to get as many ASG members as possible to either the Friday or Saturday evening dinner as a group, which we can discuss at the next meeting.   We hope to see everyone at both the November and December ASG’s!   Just email me and copy Misti if you plan on attending.

Greg Arnett
Antique Study Group Chair


Cox gives talk on One-Room Schools

A big thank you to Barb Cox for her great historical talk on Preble County 1 Room Schools plus Ellen Hall and the McWhinney family for opening up their restored 1 room school located just south of New Westville for the ASG on Tuesday, October 4th (see attached pics).   Ellen started the evening by showcasing some of the work her father Norlan McWhinney had done over the many years in restoring the building, plus the many wonderful school contents that her mother and family have acquired to make this into a historically correct setting.
Barb then gave us some insight on the work and effort it took to put the “Preble County 1 Room Schools” book together and get it published, which was quite a feat.  Barb also talked about the strict requirements that “teachers of the day” had to follow to remain employed, and the many topics the students had to master to graduate.  Both Barb and Ellen had relatives that were teachers at this school and the 2 have continued to open it up and teach young students through regular school sponsored field trips!
For the dozen ASG members who made the meeting, the evening was also filled with many questions and discussions ranging from local and state educational development and evolution to the many hardships and challenges students faced 100 to 150 years ago in just trying to attend school.  The group was also treated to some great snacks including warm apple crisp cobbler by Sheryl Arnett!   If you were unable to make the meeting but would still like to visit the school, the McWhinney’ s are having an open house this coming Saturday, Oct 8th and Sunday, Oct 9th from 1 pm to 4 pm.

We’ve had a change in November plans as Steve Martin (author and historian from Wayne County) is unable to make it as our guest speaker; we will reschedule a visit from Steve in the near future.   Our next ASG meeting will be on November 1st at the PCHS center and the topic and guest speaker will be announced next week.  See you on Tuesday, November 1st.

Greg Arnett
Antique Study Group Chair



The Preble County Historical Society is a non-profit corporation organized in 1971 with the mission to promote knowledge of Preble County and Ohio history. We are dedicated to collect, preserve, display, and to maintain materials and objects of all types which have historical interest and significance to Preble County and Ohio.

PCHS is a membership organization composted of active members who pay annual membership dues. The society is governed by the board of eleven trustees, nominated and appointed in accordance with the PCHS Code of Regulations.

PCHS operates the Preble County Historical Center, which provides a unique environment for the organization to pursue its mission. The Center provides the opportunity for individuals of all ages, abilities, and incomes to experience, imagine, learn, create, and welcome the historic flavor of the rich cultural heritage of Preble County in to their lives.

Dedicated to preserving and protecting our county heritage, artifacts, memories, and ideas. From the early 1800s to modern day, Preble County has rich farming and rural traditions to treasure. The Historical Society has a wealth of historical materials, from family photographs and records to old-time clothing, buggies, and a 1903 Model A Ford. Through its programs, exhibits, educational programs, and special events, and library and archives, Preble County Historical Society puts you in touch with local history.