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ASG to Visit One Room Schoolhouse

Tuesday, October 4th the ASG group will again take an “off-site trip” to a Preble County 1 room school.  Vickie and Eddie McWinney will open there preserved 1 room school located just about ¼ mile south of New Westville (4939 Westville Rd, New Paris, OH 45347).   While there, Barb Cox will be giving us an insight as to what life was like in a classroom “back in the day” by referencing information from the “Preble County 1 Room Schools” book that she helped author a few years ago when she served on the PCHS committee to produce this book.   If you do not have a copy of this book, you will want to purchase one as it contains wonderful information and pictures of the many 1 room schools of Preble County.  Misti will have them available at the meeting for purchase, so bring your checkbook.   On a side note, after setting up this school visit and asking Barb to speak on this topic, I found out that her grandfather taught at this school!  Ellen Hall will also give us a brief history of that school.
As always, send me an email and copy our director Misti ( to let us know if you or you and some guests will be attending.   Also keep in mind that the weather may be a little cooler at this time of year and the 1 room school has no heat, so dress accordingly.   See you at the next ASG meeting on October 4th, 6:30 pm.

Greg Arnett
Antique Study Group Chair


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