2022 is our "Year of Education" and we are planning a very exciting year of events, programs, educational opportunities, and much more!

Please check back often for updates on our future happenings because you will not want to miss out !

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2022 Calendar of Upcoming Events

February 12th

Wine & Chocolate Tasting at the Olde Schoolhouse Winery

February 17th, 2022 2:00pm

Camden, Ohio City Hall Historical Tour with our History Study Group- OPEN for anyone. FREE Program

March 17th, 2022 12:00Noon

Meet there in the front lobby.

The United States Air Force Museum Historical Tour with the History Study Group. Anyone is welcome to join.

Cost: FREE Program.

March 19th

St. Patrick's Trivia Night

April 12th

The Falcon Show

June 18th

Bridges, Bikes, and Blues

2022 Event Calendar

February 12th, 2022- Wine and Chocolate Tasting

March 19th, 2022- Trivia Night

April 12th, 2022- Falcon Show

May 22nd, 2022- Classic Car Cruise In & Annual Meeting

June 18th, 2022- Bridges, Bikes and Blues

July 3rd, 2022- Annual Old Fashion Independance Day Fireworks

July 23rd, 2022- 2nd Annual PCHS Summer Picnic

August 5th, 2022- Summer Concert Series

August 12th, 2022- Summer Concert Series

September 25th, 2022- Fall Gathering/ Historical Days

And More...